neglect / rot / place / painting with light / analogue photography / pinhole photography / the physical shape absence can take

This is an ongoing illustration project about isolation, neglect, decay, and erosion of memory. The focus is on the rotting residential houses in South Karelia, Finland, where I have been photographing ruined architecture since 2015.

The purpose of the project is to document and preserve a moment in the lives of these buildings as well as pour light onto the isolation and neglect of these places through painting, and 35mm b&w analogue and pinhole photography. I’m interested in exploring what happens to stories and memories that occupy spaces, both mental and physical, once the physical space no longer exists.


  1. Abstrakti MV
  2. Mäkelä
  3. VesiväriMaalausMökki
  4. Hahmo Layer
  5. SKM-WC1-50418091018011
  6. Anna Karoliina Illustration
  7. Anna Karoliina illustration
  8. Tumma Abstrakti

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