time / ritual / gesture / neglect / decay / pursuit of beauty



The images from this series are photograms created by using objects used in beauty treatments.

Advertisements convince us to believe that beauty treatments and products are fun. Like treats. A glowing, healthy skin equals self-love, acceptance, visibility, health.

I’m interested in exploring this ritual, this pursuit of beauty, through photography.

This project is an investigation of how and why those isolated, floating pieces of self are sewn together, of the different ways the feeling of not belonging is hidden and suppressed, blended and faded out.

  1. Anna Karoliina
  2. Anna Karoliina
  3. Anna Karoliina
  4. Anna Karoliina
  5. Anna Karoliina
  6. Anna Karoliina
  7. Anna Karoliina
  8. This will fix it, 2019, a photogram.
  9. Me Time (2019)
  10. Your treat (2019)
  11. A date night, 2019, a photogram.
  12. Self Love (2019)
  13. Your best friend, 2019, a photogram.
  14. Anna Karoliina

Other works

© 2019 Anna Karoliina Partanen

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